About Us

Biswas Nepal is a non-governmental, non-profitable organization established in 2065 BS, with the objectives of to help women get their rights and professional security engaged in entertainment sector (dance, Dohori, cabin restaurant and small hotel) along with advocacy.

Organization mainly emphasizing on the advocates for rights of the workers in the name of labor, sexual exploitation, women human right through unifying and empowering them. Moreover, it has been also sensitizing to the stakeholders regarding this sector and profession in order to make socially dignified and decent work.

Biswas Nepal organized various number of services oriented as well as support-oriented activities and done it with full enthusiasm with the support of partners (TDH, Geneva global) by this year. Enhancing skills through life skill training, psychosocial training, income generation activities, formal school support, family reintegration, semi classes in different burning issues, legal and health classes, field visit in entertainment sector and DIC running are the major activities done.

Further continuation, Biswas always raised the issue and advocate for those children who are under age of 18 and not to enforcing them into labor in exploitative situation. Coordination and collaboration, Interaction, meeting and sensitization program done with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders during this year. MAC, Media, Community police, restaurants associations and trade union were highly participated in the program with the objective of entertainment sector systematic and entertainment sector worker’s right and occupational safety.

Our Vision

Establishment of entertainment sectors as respectful and dignified occupation where exploitations and any form does not exist.

Our Mission

To organize the entertainment sector by uniting and sensitizing society, stakeholders against all kinds of exploitation, injustice, oppression and maltreatment.

Our Goal

To initiate for the dignified life of entertainment sector workers by providing them their rights and professional security.

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