Parbati Nepali (Case Study)

Detail information:

District: Surkhet,

She got married in 2062 B.S. when she was 13.

She has two children girl: 12 years, boy: 10 years

Four year before, husband attempted suicide due to not continuation of his health check up.

Case study:

Contextual history: Parbati Nepali is 25 years old from Surkhet district living with her two children in Kathmandu Sinamangal. She had early marriage when she was 13 with 20 years boy. She said, due to poor economic situation of her family she did marriage. Struggling for economic improvement, they separated with her family and living in Surkhet Bazar. Few years of living together, her husband unexpectedly died due to high fever pneumonia. Then she depressed and recovered after a long time. Then,    she took over all the responsibilities of her two children and family in her head. Few months of this situation, she was tempted by her relatives and asked to her for foreign employment. She groomed that, this is a better option to earn more money. And ready with his oath that was free visa free ticket. Then she smuggled via Delhi, Banaras to Kuwait.

Problem identification: She spent all most five month as a domestic worker at one house in Kuwait. During the time, she faced time to time physical violence from the house owner (women). In between, she became faint many times and physically illness. Due to frequent illness, house owner sent to her from where she received. She had requested to the owner to return in Nepal but never listen her words. Thus, she kept in attached room; there were no ventilations and a small window. She kept there for two and half month completely. Foods were served in the room. She didn’t know who served the foods, people came but did not speak at all. Six to eight people came and rape to her every day. She was beaten and threatens several times when she denied to rape.  She cried with people came to her and request to take out from that room but no one have listened. Hence, she completely two months spent there as a sex work prisoner. Due to more sex exploitation, her whole body was inflamed even she didn’t able to go attached toilet.

To saw these all, captivators asked her to manage two million to return Nepal and threatened that do not disclosed anymore. Thus, she called her sister in Nepal to manage the money soon. Her sister managed all as loan for Parbati and she came to Nepal with hope of live.

Now she is living with her two children and sister in Kathmandu. Her sister works in entertainment sector and also takes Parbati with her.

Intervention done by the project: During outreach, she met outreach staffs and informed about the services of the project. She convinced to come DIC through outreach staffs. Now she is DIC’s regular beneficiary. She took many times in counseling. According to counselor, she has burden of loan that used for back to Nepal. Her home captured by loan provider until to refund the loan. Physically she looks very weak, burden of two children and their education, anxiety, insecurity, no hope of success are her major psychosocial problem of her. But, she commit that, she will do the business if the support is available to her. She will plan to continue her tailoring business which she did before in Nepal.

Outreach staffs took her intake detail, her contextual history and refer to her for case management. Now, her case management profile is also completed. Team of the project have done the case conference of her and decided to need the support.

(need business support from our project)