Deepa shrestha (Case Study)

Contextual history:

Deeap shrestha is 16 years girl, as per her mother, she is from Kavre district. But, now her family is living in Pokhara since 2062 with her grandmother due to their business engagement at there. She has one brother and mother only.  She used to complain that, she has never seen home and feeling homeless person all the time. Low income of her family led her stressed. She said, due to low economic status, her father was using alcohol and tobacco a lots. For improving economic condition, her mother went abroad for foreign employment. Here, her father abused drugs and injection. After couple of year her father died because of drug addiction.

Problem identification:

Still her mother is in foreign employment. Only sometimes, her mother makes call to her and her bother. Now, her brother is also abusing the drug and living at rehabilitation center In Pokhara. Due to these all have seen in her family, she didn’t complete her eight grades and run away to Kathmandu with her boyfriend. She said, she had a dream to be a Doctor but it collapsed at all. In Kathmandu, she was living with boyfriend and have joint in Dance restaurant both as a waiter and waitress. After four months completion to work, her boy friend made next girl friend and started to live with her. Then she became single have five months pregnant. Although, have pregnant she was not leaving her job because, she was living at guest house and paid Rs. 500/-per day. Thus, she spent almost six month in Guest house. She introduced during field visit of outreach. Wherever, the message delivered to help her for shelter, she listened carefully and tries to share her problem of working and living standard as well. She explained detail with the outreach and ready to visit DIC for psychosocial counseling.

Service provided from project:

While she used to visit DIC regularly, she kept in psycho social counseling for her better way of life. She shared the entire problem she faced during work and stressed faced from her boyfriend. According to psychosocial counselor, Deepa is psychologically deceptive from all aspects as a result she smoked a lot like chain smoker. She has the series of problem such as, worried as no supportive person around the world, insecurity, low self esteem, helpless, not stable at one place, not sleep well, suicidal thought frequently and anxiety. After finding these problems she has planned to next session for relaxation therapy. Which is completely needs long term shelter like Chhori. Therefore, she referred to Chhori shelter for one year. Now, she is very happy to stay there with sound health. She used to frequently follow up from our psychosocial counselor for new updates.

Besides that, she has checked emergency health check up and her pregnancy along with little logistic support.


She is very happy to stay at chhori shelter and their friendly environment. Due to there proper care and support, she gained the encouragement to live in the world and will think to join the further study. Problems to her is not the matters but, have to live with some struggle in life is get meaningful.  This is very hopeful case in our project. She said, there is a hope to do something in her life.